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Bride Groom Viral Video: Groom Takes Time to Put Garland During Varmala, Bride’s Reaction Stuns Netizens; WATCH

The video stunned everyone and garnered attention among the internet users.

Bride Groom Viral Video: A wedding is a very special occasion in the life of every person and everyone wants it to be pure and perfect. Some internet videos show beautiful weddings but some exceptions send shockwaves to the internet by showing shocking visuals. A recent video has taken social media by storm which showed a bride and groom fighting because the groom took a long time to put garland on the bride. This made her angry and she took a really big step.

Watch Bride Groom Viral Video

Wedding videos make rounds on the internet and they entertain people. Entertainment is a major reason behind the popularity of these videos on the internet. The recent video has stunned everyone because it showed the stunning appearance. According to the text written in the video, the bride got angry because the groom took too long to put the garland on her.

Fed up with this, the bride returned the garland to him and started leaving the place after abusing him. Although the relatives stop the bride, the groom gets furious with this insult and leaves the stage. However, the relatives try to stop him but he doesn’t listen to anything and continuously tries to get off the stage.

Netizens reacted to the video

The video was shared on Instagram and it has garnered attention online. This video grabbed eyeballs and stunned internet users. People started reacting to the video in the comments. One user commented, “Nhi shadi kerni thi to vese hi mana kr deti.”


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