Bride groom viral video: Couple stuns the internet with over-the-top dance on ‘Chokra Jawaan;’ WATCH

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Bride groom viral video

Bride Groom Viral Video: Weddings are very special for every bride and groom as they do anything to make it more special and memorable. Dance performances are necessary for weddings as it became a social media trend to deliver a spellbinding dance performance on foot-tapping and romantic songs.  One such video is going viral on the internet which shows a couple dancing majestically on the foot-tapping beats of the popular song ‘Chokra Jawan.’ They are leaving the internet spellbound with their graceful and flawless dance moves.

Watch Bride Groom Viral Video


A new viral video depicts a couple dancing beautifully and captivating the internet with their remarkable and magnificent dance abilities. The captivating and lovely dance of the bride and groom is enough to steal your heart. Their expressions are the main point of the video, making it worth watching. Their synchronicity with the beats and with each other drew the most attention. Their every motion is grace-filled, making netizens go insane.


The video has gone viral on the internet, and everyone is in awe of the duo’s stunning and hypnotic dance performance. The song’s foot-tapping beats can make anyone groove, and the pair complements the pace and words.

Netizens reacted to the video

The video became a sensation on the internet and netizens reacted to the video in the comment section. Netizens tagged their friends in the comment section and asked them to perform this energetic dance at their weddings.


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