Bride groom viral video: Couple sets the Internet on fire with electrifying dance on ‘Ladki Badi Anjani Hai;’ watch

Nikshey Dhiman

Bride groom viral video

Bride groom viral video: Today’s couples add creative touches, such as dancing to well-known songs, to make their wedding day especially special. These videos are well-liked and widely disseminated online. A pair can be seen dancing to romantic Hindi music in a recent viral video. They perform while competing to the peppy beats of “Ladki Bani Anjani Hai.” They danced effortlessly and gracefully in this dance video, which has gained a lot of popularity and has been widely circulated online.

Watch Bride groom viral video

Bride-groom dance performances are massively popular on the internet and these videos are loved by netizens for their exceptional and graceful dance elements. This video shows energetic and outstanding dance moves. They start the dance performance with Shah Rukh Khan’s romantic mashup and they are dancing with ease and grace on every song. Bollywood songs are ideal for energetic dance performances and this one is no exception.

Their synchronization grabbed all the attention and made the performance even more beautiful. The couple is setting the internet on fire with their unmatchable energy. Their chemistry is enough to leave you awestruck as they are performing with full energy.

Views on the video

The video has garnered 5,849,228 views on YouTube. Online users praise the dance performance in the comment section of the video. One user wrote, “this is literally all I dream of for my wedding as a desi girl haha – let’s hope whoever I marry is willing to do it with me.” Another user wrote, “Grooms energy and excitement is a whole mood!”


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