Bride groom viral video: Couple performs with vigour on ‘Bijlee Bijlee;’ WATCH

Nikshey Dhiman

Bride groom viral video

Bride groom viral video: Weddings are incredibly special for every bride and groom because they go to great lengths to make it special and memorable. Wedding dance performances are required because it has become a social media trend to offer a mesmerizing dance performance on foot-tapping and romantic music.  One such video has gone viral on the internet, showing a couple dancing majestically to the foot-tapping beats of the popular song ‘Bijlee Bijlee.’ They are enthralling the internet with their elegant and faultless dance routines.

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A new viral video shows a pair dancing elegantly and enthralling the internet with their amazing and magnificent dance abilities. The bride and groom’s mesmerizing and gorgeous dance is enough to steal your heart. Their expressions are the highlight of the video, making it worthwhile to watch. The most attention was drawn to their synchrony with the beats and with each other. Their every move is grace-filled, which drives netizens wild.

Everyone is in awe of the duo’s magnificent and hypnotic dance performance, which has gone viral on the internet. The song’s foot-tapping beats are infectious, and the duo complements the tempo and lyrics. They are setting the stage on fire with their exceptional and stunning dance moves.

Netizens reacted to the video

The video went viral on the internet and it has become a sensation online. One user wrote, “I liked it so much I tapped it 4 times.” Another user wrote, “Nice dance.” They flooded the comment section with love emojis.


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