Bride groom viral video: Bride’s outstanding dance on ‘Sajna’ floors the groom; WATCH

Nikshey Dhiman

Bride groom viral video: Wedding videos are popular online as brides do something special to make their wedding even more beautiful. Bride dance performances are one of the popular things in every wedding and the recent viral video shows the same. It shows a bride dancing gracefully and leaving the internet mesmerized with her adorable and spellbinding dance performance on the beats of the song ‘Sajna.’ She is making waves online with her graceful and mesmerizing dance performance.

Watch Bride groom viral video


Bride groom dance performances are popular online as they make the netizens go bonkers and the latest video is no exception. The bride is dancing gracefully and leaving the internet awestruck. Her fluid and seamless dance performance is leaving the internet spellbound and setting the stage on fire. She is sending the groom into a jiffy with her dance and he is smiling while seeing her adorable dance on the foot-tapping beats.

The bride is wearing a heavy lehenga and despite wearing that she is setting the stage on fire with her energy. The song ‘Sajna’ is also very popular for wedding dance performances and this bride is another one who cherished the song with exquisite performance.

Views on the video

The video became a sensation online and left the netizens awestruck. It has garnered more than 3 lakh views on Instagram and has become a sensation online. Bride’s dance is receiving love as she sets hearts racing with her dance.



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