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Bride Groom Viral Video: Bride Steals the Show With Her 18 Page Wedding Vows; Watch Epic Groom Reaction

Bride Groom Viral Video; In a video that went viral, a bride shares a hilarious yes romantic vow exchange with her groom, leaving the netizens’ hearts melted. Among the many romantic proposal videos or couple dance videos, this one takes the cake for the most unconventional wedding vow exchange of all time. The internet is going nuts over the bride who humorously takes her wedding vows from a lengthy sheet of paper, a never-ending scroll.


Bride steals the show with her vows


The video starts with the bride and groom, adorned in their wedding outfits, to take vows. The bride holds her vows, written on a piece of paper. However, the netizens go crazy as she rolls down the paper, almost touching her feet. Not only the netizens, but the groom also seemed visibly surprised and amused by the hilarious turn of events. But it does not stop there, the bride starts off her vows by saying, ”  “Nisar Gagrani, it’s not easy to be the best thing that has happened to you.”, making not only the groom laugh, but leaving the audience in giggles and chatter. The clip is shared by the entrepreneur, Suchita A Mukerji or @sucheetah. The post wrote ” He went from vow to wow”, with a caption, “Guess they’re called “vows” for a reason”


It does not end there. The Instagrammer, posted another video, taking her vows. As she started reading this lengthy piece of paper, the internet was left swooning. Long but not for a second did it seem boring, with the viewers easily invested in the couple’s love story. However, as she finished her vows, she ended with “Ab Tum”, meaning “Now you”, leaving the groom under pressure as there is no way of outperforming that. This post is captioned, “18 pages, front and back.”


Netizens react


Netizens are going gaga over the video saying, “I wanna know every vow now from that list” and “From these 2 seconds she already seems like an icon”.



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