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Bride groom viral video: Bride and bridesmaid perform magically on Alia Bhatt’s ‘What Jhumka;’ WATCH

Bride groom viral video: Dance videos are quite popular on the internet, and they receive a lot of love and respect since they depict fantastic and amazing dances. Marriage is believed to be the joining of two souls and to make this union even more unforgettable, newly married couples now do dance performances, the recordings of which are quite popular on the internet. A video of a bride dancing to the viral song ‘What Jhumka’ has lately gone viral on the internet.

Watch Bride groom viral video

Her friends are also dancing with the bride, who is contributing to the show. Anyone’s heart will race when they see how well they work together. We can’t take our eyes off the bride throughout the dancing performance because she’s wearing such a stunning lehenga. The bride’s excitement is incredible, and her dancing has everyone spellbound. Everyone’s heart is delighted as they watch her amusing dance, and the groom is simply staring at her and applauding her with his loving gaze. What makes the video even more wonderful are the bride’s reactions, which perfectly fit the words of the song.

Netizens are awestruck

The video received a lot of attention on the internet, and the bride’s love received a lot of attention as well. Netizens praised the bride in the comments section for her excellent dancing performance, which captured everyone’s heart.


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