Viral Video: Schoolgirl’s rendition of Lata Mangeshkar’s ‘Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon’ is a heart stealer, watch


Viral Video

Viral Video: A school girl performs a rendition of “Ae Mere Watan” on Independence Day and netizens are left teary-eyed. This video went viral post the 76th Independence Day of India. The girl covers the legendary song “ Ae Mere Watan”, originally sung by the great Lata Mangeshkar.


Schoolgirl gives a heartfelt performance


This heartfelt performance is sung by a schoolgirl at a school event, celebrating the 7th independence day of the country. The girl, adorned in a school uniform with a collared shirt, striped belt, and a grey skirt, sings on the open lawn of the school grounds. The moment the video starts, she starts singing and the internet could not hold back their praises. On the occasion of Independence Day, the songs hit the chords of Indians all over the country. Through her melodious voice, she manages to melt the hearts of many. Additionally, she sings in the most beautiful and soulful voice that left many viewers teary-eyed.
The song is originally about the martyrs who lost their lives on the battlefield during the fight for independence, thus, making it an emotional one for the country. However, this schoolgirl has been deemed to have brought justice to the song and occasion and the internet could not help but feel patriotic and emotional.

Netizens react


Netizens are loving the girl’s flawless rendition of this legendary song. The commenters did not hold back on their praises and expressed their appreciation for her soulful singing. The comments said “Ye song sunte hi rongate khde ho jate h evergreen song”, “Heart touching” and ” Bahot khoobsurat gaaya”. Apart from this, many expressed their pride for their nation in the comment section of this viral video.


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