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‘Kacha Badam fame’ Anjali Arora tries bungee jumping, WATCH

‘Kacha Badam fame’ Anjali Arora: The ‘Kacha Badam’ sensation, Anjali Arora, has been craving for adventure and she may as well have found it to her heart’s content. Recently a video of the actress trying bungee jumping went viral and the fans have posted hilarious comments on it.

Anjali Arora’s brave attempt at bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is an adventure sport not for the faint-hearted and especially not for those who fear heights. A jumper is required to leap from an extremely high podium with a harness. An elastic rope made usually out of a braided shock cord is attached to the ankle of the jumper that creates a kind of a recoil effect upon jumping once the rope is stretched to its limit.

Recently, the Kacha Badam fame girl, Anjali Arora attempted this scary adventure, and it took her almost the entire day to muster up her courage. Anjali achieved this milestone with the ‘Himalayan Bungy’ team by jumping off a staggering 107m height. The video of Anjali leaping from the podium went viral on Instagram. Although it is time lapsed, you can see clearly in the video that she started during the day but by the time she actually jumped it was already night. One of the fans also expressed surprise with their comment, “Did really take her the whole day to gather courage? She wore safety when it was bright and jumped at night. Well bungee is scary after all.”


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Netizens’ reactions on Anjali’s new adventure

Soon after the video went viral, netizens flooded the comments section expressing their opinions. One of the commenters said, “Started during the day ended during the night,” another said, “Mera toh dekh kar hi sur ghuum gya.” One commenter even made a hilarious passing reference to her ‘Kacha Badam’ days saying, “Socha tha kacha badam jaisa aasan hoga …”


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