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Abdu Rozik Video: Bigg Boss 16 fame Abdu Rozik’s video with his pet ‘Mimi’ will make you fall for him! Watch Video

Abdu Rozik Video

Abdu Rozik Video: Abdu Rozik has earned a lot of fame in India with the new season of Bigg Boss and Abdu has become the heartbeat of every Bigg Boss fan. At the age of just 19, Abdu Rozik has made a name for himself not only in India or in his country but in the whole world. Be it Salman Khan or Cristiano Ronaldo, Abdu has taken his songs to everyone and has emerged as the youngest singer in the world. Abdu is the cutest and most famous contestant of Bigg Boss. Recently people have also got to see the angry avatar of Abdu. But Abdu Rozik is more famous for his cuteness than his anger and one such video is going viral on the internet.

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Bigg Boss fame Abdu Rozik has expressed his love for animals many times in the Bigg Boss house. When Tina was sad over the death of her pet, Abdu took care of Tina by telling about one of his pets. He also compared Archana to his monkey ‘Mimi’ by saying that “My monkey has more intelligence than her”. Abdu’s new video is going viral with the same monkey ‘Mimi’ holding some popcorn in front of the monkey and monkey is picking it up and giving it to Abdu and Abdu asks him, “one photo please”  but the monkey moves ahead. There are many such videos on Abdu’s Instagram feed in which he is seen making love to animals.

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This video has been uploaded on the Instagram handle of Abdu Rozik. The caption reads, “Even Mimi is not in the mood for a photo today”. This video is getting a lot of love from the audience and everyone is expressing happiness on seeing friendship of monkey with Abdu.   DNP ENTERTAINMENT FOLLOW US:  FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM, and TWITTER.

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