Top 5 Emotional Pakistani Dramas of Sajal Ali: From ‘Yeh Dil Mera’ To ‘Noor ul Ain,’ Dramas You Must Watch


Top 5 Emtional Dramas: Sajal Ali is a very famous Pakistani Actress who was born on 17 January 1994 and worked in many Pakistani drama including emotional, Romantic and also comedy dramas. Sajal Ali has also won multiple awards and nominations for her versatile acting in dramas as well as movies. Sajal Ali played the role of Sridevi’s daughter in Sridevi’s last movie ‘MOM’ which was also Sajal Ali’s debut in Bollywood.

Yeh Dil Mera

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‘Yeh Dil Mera’ is popular Pakistani drama released in 2019 which depicts the story of a girl named Noor-ul-Ain Zaman (Sajal Ali) also Known as Aina who is the only daughter of a very strong businessmen. Aina falls in love with Aman (Ahad Raza Mir) who is the CEO of the company Aina is working as an Intern. The story revolves the love life, relationship and conflicts between them.

Mere Khwabon Ka Diya

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‘Mere Khuwabon Ka Diya’ is a Pakistani drama first aired in October 2013, the drama showcases the story of Yousuf (Danish Tainmoor) and Neelam (Ushna Shah) who is in love with each other but Yousuf has to marry Shubnum (Sajal Ali) who is Neelams younger sister. The story of drama revolves around Yousuf and his decisions that changes the whole point of view of audience.

Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain

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‘Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain’ is a Pakistani drama released in 2011 and the drama is based on Short stories about real life-life situations women has to face in a patriarchal society and the show depicts the emotions and challenges a women has with diiferent age groups and also different social classes. The drama revolves around the bound on women by the society.


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‘Nanhi’ is a popular Pakistani drama released in 2013 which depicts the story of girl named Nanhi (Sajal Ali) who lives with aunt Shammo(Asma Abbas) who works as a Nurse in a Hospital and shammo kidnaps babies from the hospital. Nanhi was also kidnapped by her aunt Shammo from the hospital but Nanhi thought that Shammo was her mother. This drama revolves around the story of Nanhi who is against child trafficking and wanted her own baby.

Noor ul Ain

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‘Noor ul Ain’ is a popular Pakistani drama released in 2018 and showcases the story of a girl named Noor ul Ain (Sajal Ali) when she met Khizer (Imran Abbas) first time accidentally and both of them falls in love at the first sight, their first accidental meeting changed their life completely and they faced many consequences loving each other and trying to make their relationship work.


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