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KBC 15: Meet Jaskaran, the first ‘crorepati’ of the season! Failed to answer 7 crore question

KBC 15: One of the most popular game shows on Indian television is currently running its 15th season. With Amitabh Bachchan as host, the show is always a super hit among viewers. Yesterday, on the latest episode, one of the participants, Jaskaran became the first crorepati of the season as he sacked Rs. 1 Crore. However, he refused to attempt the last question worth Rs. 7 crores.

The first crorepati of the season

Jaskaran Singh from Punjab became the first contestant to win Rs. 1 crore in KBC 15 on Tuesday. Jaskaran belongs to a small village named Khalra in Punjab situated just half a km away from the Indo-Pakistan border. Hard-working and a passionate learner Jaskaran is currently enrolled as a 3rd year student of BSc Economics at Amritsar University. He wishes to become an IAS officer and is currently preparing for his first attempt at the UPSC exam. Apart from education, Jaskaran is very active in sports too, both outdoors and indoors. He was a district-level cricket player and an amazing chess player as well.

Jaskaran’s win and the reason to avoid the final question

Jaskaran won 1 crore rupees in prize money on Tuesday. He was also offered the final question worth Rs. 7 crore, however, the contestant refused to attempt the question as he was unsure of the answer. Giving a wrong answer would have resulted in a huge loss for him so he decided to not take any chances. After winning Rs. 1 crore he called it quits.

The final question presented before Jaskaran was, “According to the Padma Purana, which king had to live as a tiger for a hundred years due to a deer’s curse?” The four options given for the question were: A) Kshemadhurti B) Dharmadatta C) Mitadhvaja D) Prabhanjana. The correct answer to this question was option D, Prabhanjana.


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