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Bigg Boss 16: Who is Sunny Choudhary? Why did Gori Nagori take his name to Threaten Archana Gautam? Read for Details

Bigg Boss 16: Bigg Boss 16 is getting entertaining and interesting day by day. Till now, we got to see the fight of many contestants, out of which the most dangerous fight was seen between Archana Gautam and Gori Nagori. The fight between these two had increased to such an extent that Gori threatened Archana to break her arms and legs. In this fight, Archana Gautam had mentioned the name of ‘Sunny Chaudhary’, after which Gori’s anger increased even more. After all, who is Sunny Choudhary and what is his connection with Gori Nagori. Let’s find out here

Sunny had done the deal for Gori Nagori

Before coming to Bigg Boss, Gori Nagori has done many songs with Sunny Chaudhary. Gori and Sunny consider each other to be good friends but their relationship goes far beyond friendship. Although, Sunny Choudhary and Gori Nagori are colleagues. But in some reports, it is also stated that Sunny had finalized the deal for Gori Nagori to appear in Bigg Boss 16. Sunny Choudhary had also advised Gori to come in Bigg Boss. It is quite clear from all these things that the relationship between Gori and Sunny goes much further than friendship because Archana Gautam also mentioned Sunny’s name during the fight in Bigg Boss house.

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Archana and Gori’s fight became very personal and Gori, seeing Archana’s yellow dress, said, “You are looking like shit in this yellow dress.” Archana replied, “You and Sunny will have kids and they will eat shit.” However, Gori went silent after this but when Archana and Gori had a fight again and, Gori gave a befitting reply saying, “Ek second mein theek kar dega Sunny tujhe! Jaanti bhi hai woh kaun hai? Bakwas kar rahi hai bass!” Gori started being personal after hearing the name of Sunny in the fight.  

Recently, Sunny Choudhary too lashed out at Sreejita in an interview over Gori’s fight with Sreejita De. Gori also said before going to Bigg Boss that she will miss Sunny a lot. Gori said in some interviews that Sunny and her are more than friends but they have never confirmed anything about their love relationship.


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