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Bigg Boss 16: Soundarya Sharma, Sumbul Touqeer and Archana Gautam are the Nominated contestants this week

Bigg Boss 16: In the new episode of Bigg Boss, Bigg Boss played a new task for nomination. In this task, daggers were placed in the activity area and the rest of the contestants had to nominate that one contestant by stabbing him in the back. While announcement of the task even Bigg Boss said, “I know you guys want to stab each other’s back so I want to give you a task.” All contestants wore the jackets and went to activity area for the task.



In the nomination task, Sumbul Touqeer, Soundarya Sharma and Archana Gautam become the most stabbed contestants so they are the nominated contestants of this week. Contestants gave the reason to nominate Sumbul Touqeer that after Back-to-Back suggestions of Salman Khan Sumbul isn’t seeing on camera as she is not involved in the game too much and she should go home. Shiv Thakare suggested Sumbul that you should have to play your game and not follow any other contestant.

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Archana becomes the boring contestant


After Gautam’s captaincy, we have seen that Archana spends a lot of time in bedroom and she comes out only when she have to do the work. The contestants gave the reason about nominating Archana that she isn’t visible like before in the Bigg Boss 16 house. Gori Nagori said while nominating Archana, “She said once that the boring contestent should leave the house of Bigg Boss and she is the boring contestant of show now.”


Soundarya Sharma and Gautam Vig’s love story has been seen in house of Bigg Boss. Karan Johar called that fake and for the game. Nimrit and Tina nominated Soundarya for the reason that she talks with Gautam only and then she blames us that we don’t spend time with her. Sajid Khan nominated Soundarya because he wanted to hurt Gautam. Sajid Khan says “I can’t remove Gautam from the captaincy but I want to hurt him that’s why I am nominating Soundarya because they are connected.”



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