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Bigg Boss 16: It’s getting serious between Abdu and Nimrit, The cutest contestant flirts with Chhoti Sardarni. Details Here

Bigg Boss 16: In Bigg Boss 16, there seems to be a love relationship between the contestants, while some distances have also been seen between the contestants. There is no dearth of love and love stories this season. Something similar is happening with the show’s cutest contestant, Abdu. Nimrit often jokes with Abdu that I will be your wife but Abdu refuses and starts feeling shy. But now it seems that even Abdu is slowly getting serious about Nimrit.

Shiv and Stan tease Abdu


All the contestants of the house keep teasing Abdu with the name of Nimrit and Nimrit is also seen having love-filled fun with Abdu. In the recent room change task in the house, Nimrit also wanted to go with Abdu. Although Abdu is seen flirting with every girl in the house, but Abdu’s relationship with Nimrit seems a bit different. MC Stan and Shiva Thackeray were seen teasing Abdu about this. In the new episode, Shiv is asking Abdu, “Do you get butterflies in your stomach when you sit with Nimrit?”. Abdu agrees after hearing these questions. After this Shiva and Stan teach Abdu to sing, “Main Nimrit Nimrit Chillaunga Kurta Phaadke” Abdu says, “I will sing this song like this, Nimrit Nimrit Nimrit, Kurta Taan Ke”. Shiva and Stan tell Abdu that “Ladka jawaan ho raha hai” and Abdu becomes happy.

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However, Nimrit and Abdu’s chemistry seems to be very sweet and a soft corner is also being formed in Abdu’s heart about Nimrit. Nimrit has also been seen many times having fun with Abdu. Abdu has emerged as the cutest contestant of the show.    

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