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Bigg Boss 16: Is Sajid Khan loosing his mind or just overacting? Housemates Speak Up. Watch Video

Bigg Boss 16 is getting entertaining and interesting day by day. After Salman Khan’s “Weekend Ka Vaar”, there was a ruckus in the house when Gautam chose captaincy over ration in Bigg Boss 16 house. After Gautam’s decision, every house member was stood against Gautam Vig because he took the decision of being the captain of the Bigg Boss house.


Gautam becomes a victim of the anger of all the family members. Archana shouts at Gautam. While Sajid Khan completely loses his temper at Gautam and says, “You are doing all this to stay safe in the house because you have to be safe in the nomination, now you will see my anger”. Sajid Khan tells to Bigg Boss that I will not eat food untill you will not remove Gautam from captaincy.
Soundarya Sharma and other housemates try to convince Sajid Khan for eating food. Abdu Rozik also tries to convince him but Sajid doesn’t say anything.

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Soundarya and Gautam also said that Sajid is just overreacting because Bigg Boss has provided foodand you can eat that. Later, Soundarya Sharma also came to him but Sajid denies to eat the food and say, “When I came to the show, I was told that you will get food and now I am not getting food because of someone’s decision. So, i will not eat.”



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