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Sapna Choudhary Stuns in New Haryanvi Song ‘Ek Do Teen Ghunghat’ – Witness Her Glamour and Grace!

Sapna Choudhary

Sapna Choudhary: The vibrant and charismatic Sapna Choudhary has once again taken the Haryanvi music scene by storm with her appearance in ‘Ek Do Teen Ghunghat.’ Adorned in dazzling attire, she brings an exceptional grace and style to the video. Her dance performance, infused with tradition and modernity, sets the screen on fire, leaving her fan base in awe of her beauty and talent.

The Musical Team Behind the Song: An Artistic Collaboration

‘Ek Do Teen Ghunghat’ is more than just a visual spectacle. The musical collaboration that went into creating this track is equally fascinating. Ruchika Jangid’s soothing voice adds a melodic depth to the song, beautifully supported by the engaging lyrics penned by Parhlad Phagna. Music by Rk Crew enhances the rhythmic experience, giving life to the song’s energetic beat. The creative synergy of the team has produced a piece that resonates with Haryanvi music enthusiasts.

The Video Production: A Cinematic Experience

The song’s visual appeal is amplified by the video production led by Kaka Films. The artistic direction, spearheaded by Naresh Kaka, and the flawless camera work by Shelly Dhiman, have contributed to the song’s cinematic allure. Choreographed by Bunty, with assistance from Gaurav, and art contributions from Karma Arts, Jimmy, and Manish, the video seamlessly weaves together traditional Haryanvi culture with a contemporary flair.

Impact on Haryanvi Music Scene: A New Benchmark

‘Ek Do Teen Ghunghat’ sets a new benchmark in the Haryanvi music industry. From Sapna Choudhary’s unparalleled dance skills to the creative ensemble of artists behind the scenes, the song symbolises the growing richness and diversity of regional music in India. Its immediate success and popularity signal a bright future for Haryanvi music and a continued rise in Sapna Choudhary’s ever-growing fame.

The release of ‘Ek Do Teen Ghunghat’ is more than just another song; it’s a celebration of Haryanvi culture, music, and dance. Sapna Choudhary’s enthralling performance, combined with the masterful creation by talented artists like Ruchika Jangid, Parhlad Phagna, and the RK Crew, makes this song a must-watch. It’s a symbol of the artistic evolution within the regional music scene and a testament to the talent that resides within the Indian entertainment industry. Fans of Haryanvi music and followers of Sapna Choudhary alike will find themselves enchanted by this new release.


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