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Pawan Singh Loses from Karakat! Did Leaving BJP Prove Costly for Bhojpuri Star in Lok Sabha 2024 Polls?

The political risk taken by Pawan Singh backfires! Discover in this exclusive analysis why he might have lost the election by leaving the BJP.

Pawan Singh
Pawan Singh

The counting of the Lok Sabha elections in the country took place today i.e. on 4th June and many leaders won while many lost. Many records were broken and new ones were also made in this election. Bhojpuri star Pawan Singh also debuted in the Lok Sabha elections along with Kangana Ranaut and Arun Govil. He stood in the election as an independent from BJP’s Karakat and lost by a huge margin. Pawan Singh was earlier with the BJP but then he was expelled from the party and now it is coming to light that due to leaving the BJP, Pawan had to face defeat in the election.

Did leaving BJP prove costly for Pawan Singh?

Pawan Singh was contesting in the election from Kaarakat constituency. BJP’s work in that area was excellent and the BJP candidate was also getting a lot of support. If Pawan had contested the election by staying with the party, he would have got the support of BJP’s work along with his fame and he would have won the election. We saw an example of this with Kangana Ranaut who won the election due to BJP’s work and her fame. If Pawan had taken a similar decision, he could have also won the election because he has still come second and lost by 105858. The defeat of Power Star also shows that it is difficult to win elections based on fame alone. When he was expelled from the party, he didn’t try to make things clear but decided to contest independently from the Lok Sabha Seat.

Why Pawan Singh was Expelled From BJP?

The actor Pawan Singh from Bhojpuri was kicked out of the Bharatiya Janata Party. He was the target of disciplinary proceedings from the party. As an independent running from the Karakat parliamentary constituency, where Upendra Kushwaha is endorsed by the NDA, Pawan Singh is also a contender. Samrat Chaudhary, the state president of the Bihar BJP, gave the party the order to make this choice because of his involvement in anti-party actions.


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