Khesari Lal Yadav and Shilpi Raj’s New Song Create Waves: ‘Makhan lagai ki Dhakkan,’ Takes The Fans by Storm

Akansha Tiwari

Khesari Lal Yadav

Khesari Lal Yadav and Shilpi Raj: Bhojpuri cinema’s highly anticipated film, ‘Sangharsh 2’, is already making headlines even before its release. A recently released track from the film, ‘मक्खन लगाई की ढक्कन’, is taking the industry by storm. Sung by the talented Khesari Lal Yadav in collaboration with Shilpi Raj, the song has created quite a stir among fans. The lyrics penned by Krishna Bedardi and music composed by the same talent have left the audience enthralled.

Star-Studded Performance Adds Charm to the Song

Khesari Lal Yadav and Megha Shree have teamed up for this song, showcasing their remarkable chemistry. Their previous work together in the Bhojpuri film ‘Angel’ was a superhit, and it seems like the duo is set to repeat the magic. The visual appeal and energetic performance in the song have garnered praises from all quarters, making it an instant hit on YouTube since its release on August 11, 2023.

Sangharsh 2: A Closer Look at the Upcoming Blockbuster

‘Sangharsh 2’, starring Bhojpuri cinema’s trending star Khesari Lal Yadav, Megha Shree, and other talented actors, is set to hit the screens on August 25. Helmed by Parag Patil, the upcoming film ‘Sangharsh 2’ showcases the collaboration of producers Ratnakar Kumar, Nivedita Kumar, and Kuldeep Shrivastav. The combined strength of this formidable team and an engaging plotline positions ‘Sangharsh 2’ as a potential standout hit for the year.

The Hype Continues: What’s Next for Sangharsh 2?

Following the triumphant launch of a song from the film, anticipation surrounding ‘Sangharsh 2’ has soared. Both admirers and critics are on the edge of their seats, curious to uncover the full spectrum of what the film promises. Can it fulfil the mounting expectations? Will the remaining soundtrack hold the same allure? The answers remain veiled in time, but what’s clear is that ‘Sangharsh 2’ has already left an indelible impression, and appears set to elevate Bhojpuri cinema to unprecedented levels.

The electrifying release of ‘मक्खन लगाई की ढक्कन’from ‘Sangharsh 2’ has laid down a promising foundation for what could be a watershed moment in the history of Bhojpuri film. The remarkable blend of compelling performances, tuneful melodies, and the buzz ahead of the imminent release indicate that ‘Sangharsh 2’ is on the path to becoming a smash hit. Lovers of Bhojpuri cinema, mark your calendars – this cinematic experience is one you’ll want to be part it.


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