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Urfi Javed Transparent Photos: 10 most bold and transparent dresses donned by Urfi, here’s the list

Urfi Javed Transparent Photos: Urfi, Urfi, Urfi! This name is all over the Internet! From wearing a monokini at a pizza party, donning a Swimsuit at a brunch to wearing a Sheer dress while going shopping, Urfi definitely knows how to look ‘Hatke’ and stand out of the crowd- using just her Fashion sense and great ideas.
And like we say, you can love her, Hate her, but definitely cannot ignore her. Every time we think that’s it, now there is nothing new she can add up to this outfit. But then again, she manages to prove us wrong and adds up that ‘wow’ element to her look.
Meanwhile, the sheer and transparent dress flaunted by Urfi has managed to gain a lot of attention.
Let’s take a look at the Top 10 bold Urfi Javed Transparent photos and dresses that she has worn and taken all that limelight.

A safety-Pin cover-up (Say what?)

Well, The Bigg boss OTT star definitely has a lot of ideas when it comes to fashion. She wore a simple black bikini and wore a swimsuit cover-up. And trust us, it is not ordinary. She actually made that cover-up using just Safety Pins.

Transparent Velvet dress

So ‘Nets’ has always been Urfi’s thing. But do you know that initially, Urfi Javed experimented a lot with velvet? As it is clearly visible, she tried to create a mix of a monokini and a dress, by adding up some transparent stockings (the same colour as the dress). While some parts in between have been kept sheer, showing off that messy hair.

A Transparent Bikini

Again she experimented with her outfit by wearing a beautiful salmon colour Saturn bikini. And covered the lower portion with a transparent cover up. The overall look is quite appealing.

Black veil

A transparent veil, in black while wearing a hot Co-ord. Well, this is only expected out of Urfi.

Transparent pants

So Urfi tried something new and opted to wear a lavender bikini and above that, she wore those transparent cut-out pants, completely changing the overall look.

Something in Blue!

Urfi flaunted a Simple body hugging dress, but with a Twist! Created some patters in between giving that sheer and elegant look.

A Sheer Bodysuit

So Urfi opted to wear a simple peach colour, sheer body suit and paired it up with blue jeans. It’s simple, yet beautiful!

Monokini with a transparent coverup

So Urfi loves going to the beach. And she makes sure to dress Hot while she flaunts those curves. This time, Urfi wore a beautiful black cut-out Monokini and added a white transparent cover-up on top, to further complete the look. (Well, a mixture of hotness and elegance for sure!)

A Sea shell Bikini

Another one comes from the beach, where Urfi managed to ‘Woo’ her fans but donning a beautiful sea green and magenta sheer bikini.

Transparent bralette

Well, who doesn’t like an all black outfit! But Urfi loves it the Most! Well, in this one the fashionista opted to go for a transparent bralette and pared it up with some fitted lower.


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