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Skincare Tips: Can Almond Milk Benefit Your Skin? Check Out How to Make it at Home

Skincare Tips: Almond milk has surfaced on the internet over its magical health properties. Many have already switched to Almond milk from regular milk for its benefits. Other than being plant-based, it is low in fat and high in vitamins E and D. On top of that, almond milk can have numerous benefits on your skin as well.

Fights acne

Unlike dairy, almond milk does not cause acne. It, in fact, helps reduce acne. Almond milk is a rich source of Vitamin C which causes cell regeneration.  Upon regular consumption, it promotes cell turnover that helps acne fade away. Unlike dairy, almond milk does not cause acne.



Along with Vitamin E, almond milk also contains vitamin C. Together, they provide anti-aging qualities, combatting the early signs of aging. Additionally, it also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Soothes skin

Almond milk is extremely gentle on the skin because it is rich in antioxidants. As a result, it soothes any kind of irritation on the skin such as redness or burns.

Cleanses skin


Almond milk can be a great, all-natural substitute for store-bought cleaners. It thoroughly cleans dirt, oil, and pollution from your skin leaving it feeling refreshed. Moreover, it even removes makeup from the skin.

Hydrates skin

Unlike other cleansers, almond milk does not leave your skin feeling dry and dehydrated. Not only that, it imparts extra hydration and keeps the skin supple.

How to make almond milk at home

Almond Milk

Apart from having a myriad of health benefits, this vegan drink is also super easy to make. Although it is readily accessible in stores, it is just as easy to make almond milk at home.  Firstly, soak a handful of raw almonds in water for 24 hours. Once the duration is passed, take out the almonds and blend them together to form a thin paste. Later, Strain the milk well using a cheesecloth, resulting in a smooth milk-like consistency.


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