Health Tips: Unlock hidden struggles of social anxiety, five subtle signs to look out for

Aparna Singh

Health Tips

Social anxiety is becoming a very common ailment among the youth. It occurs when a person finds themselves very nervous or scared in social situations. If someone suffers from social anxiety, then they are worried about what others think of them. In this anxiety, they are nervous about meeting new people or talking in groups. Even they are afraid to go to parties or social gatherings. Social anxiety is a mental disorder that can make everyday things that seem easy to others difficult. Scroll below to know five hidden signs of social anxiety

Overthinking Conversations

If you find yourself constantly thinking about your conversations in your head or worrying about what you said, it might be a symptom of social anxiety.

Avoiding Eye Contact

People who suffer from social anxiety often struggle with maintaining eye contact with people as it can make them feel uncomfortable or exposed in social scenarios.

Physical Symptoms

Sweating, trembling, or feeling nauseous when faced with social interactions are hidden signs of social anxiety.

Fearing Judgement

If you are a patient of social anxiety then you may experience this constantly worrying about being judged by others, even for small things.

Isolating Behaviour

Choosing to stay away from social gatherings or events due to fear of embarrassment or negative attention can be a sign of social anxiety.

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