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Health Tips: 10 revitalizing benefits of mace spice (javitri), check out

Health Tips: Mace (Javitri), one of the crucial condiments in Mughlai cuisine is known to be extremely healthy and nutritious in the long run. It is an interesting looking spice that appears to be like a fiery flower. Mace is derived from the protective covering of the nutmeg seed; the reason why it tastes like it but not exactly the same. It is very effective in treating pain, nausea, digestive problems, etc. Let us learn more about the various health benefits of mace and its culinary uses.

Health benefits of Mace

1.      Promotes healthy digestion

A healthy digestive system is extremely crucial for a healthy life altogether. Mace can be that magical ingredient which can rid you of most of your digestive issues such as, constipation, bloating, gastrointestinal issues, etc. It is also good in regulating bowel movements, treating nausea, diarrhea, etc.

2.      Boosts appetite

We all have had our moments when we are just done with eating, may be due to too much workload or bad schedule. Adding mace to our regular diet can solve this issue as well as it boosts one’s appetite, improving our eating habits for the better.

3.      Improves blood circulation

Proper blood flow all throughout the body keeps the skin and scalp healthy. Mace can improve your blood circulation radically keeping you protected from various skin diseases and infections.

4.      Relieves stress

The busy world we live in often doesn’t allow us the liberty to focus on our mental health. Consequently, most of us are affected with too much stress. Yet again, do not worry, for mace has got you covered. It is known to have medicinal properties that aid in relieving stress and mental exhaustion.

5.      Oral health

Do you suffer from bad breath, dental issues, tooth aches, or painful gums? No need to run after expensive treatments and medicines, for mace is a natural remedy for such ailments and is used in many toothpastes as well.

6.      Guards kidneys

Renal issues are common nowadays due to our bad eating and drinking habits. We are familiar with ailments like kidney stones and other kidney related infections. Regular consumption of mace may prove to be extremely helpful in this regard as it protects kidneys from several renal ailments.

7.      Prevents cold and cough

One of the common infections that really irritates us to the core is the common flu or cold and cough. The medicinal properties of mace prove to be extremely effective against cold, cough and several viral infections. It is also very beneficial in treating asthma.

8.      A wonderful detoxifying agent

With its wonderful aroma and richness in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, mace stands out to be one of the best detoxifying agents that can remove all the unwanted toxins from your body.

9.      Prevents inflammation

Mace is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Consequently, it is extremely good for treating joint pains and diseases like arthritis.

10.  Medicinal uses in Ayurveda

Mace has also been a crucial ingredient in Ayurveda. Its essential oil has anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-depressant properties and thus it is very useful in making many Ayurvedic medicines.

Uses of mace in culinary arts

As already mentioned, mace is one of the beloved spices in Mughlai cuisine and not only the Mughals, but the entire Asian culture does not shy away from using this enchanted spice to the best of its potential in the world of food. Some of the uses are as follows:

  1. Mace can be used in several baked desserts like pies, puddings, cakes, muffins, etc. It gives a lot of flavor to many other sweets as well.
  2. Add one or two flowers of mace while cooking biryani and see the magic. In grounded form, it can also be used as an essential spice for preparing various curries.
  3. It can also be used as a seasoning for fruits in its grounded form.
  4. Top your cappuccino with a pinch of grounded mace and you’ll feel how drastically it enhances the taste.
  5. It can also be used in preparing different types of pickles.


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