Health Benefits of Walking: How Much Should you Walk Daily? Details


Health benefits of walking

Health benefits of walking: It is safe to say walking is the easiest exercise. A person who walks every day might not need to rely on other forms of workout. Therefore, Walking every day can be a healthy habit that has various health benefits. However, like anything, it should also be done in moderation.

Health Benefits of Walking

Health benefits of walking


There are numerous health benefits of walking and It is said that an average adult should walk for 30 minutes every day. This may seem very easy for some people, however, for others, it could be exhausting. Therefore, It is advised to walk for 10 minutes at three different times, a day. Doing this can have a positive impact on your overall health

Walking is great because, firstly, it prevents many diseases such as various heart diseases, breast cancer, and high blood pressure. Secondly, it improves an individual’s overall stamina and endurance. Moreover, It also facilitates weight loss. Brisk walking burns excess calories from the body, which causes weight loss in individuals. Apart from this, walking is known to fight osteoarthritis, which is common among older people, by strengthening the muscles.

How much should you walk daily?

Health benefits of walking


Research states that one should, on average, walk 10000 steps daily, to see positive results. For children, it is advised to walk about 6000 to 10000 steps per day, while, men and women, between the ages 18- 50 can walk up to 12000 steps. Women over 60, they can aim for 8000 steps daily. Meanwhile, Men over 50, can aim for 10000 steps per day. However, it is important to keep in mind that these can vary from person to person depending on their body build, height, and other health factors.  Although, walking every day is a great way to stay fit, walking in excess can lead to several complications. Walking more than the required amount can lead to persistent pain and swelling. It could even cause injuries. Therefore, it is important to stay mindful while taking up walking as an exercise.


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