Mask Girl Review: Netflix K drama depicts intriguing tale of murder, identity and beauty standards

Aparna Singh

Mask Girl Review

Mask Girl Review: The thriller web series ‘Mask Girl’ released on Netflix is based on the webtoon of the same title depicts the story of murder, hidden identity and revenge. It was released on August 18. It is shown in the web series that what happens when someone’s common dreams get buried under the burden of beauty standards. A girl who tries her best to hide her insecurities and low self-esteem by taking the help of a mask, but will doing all this help her get confidence.

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Plot of the story

Mask Girl who is also known as Kim Mo-mi and is about 20 years old. Kim Mo-mi is an ordinary girl who works in an office. As a child, she loved being in front of the cameras and dreamed of achieving immense fame. But the twist in the tale came when the people around her made Kim Mo-mi think that she was not pretty and attractive enough. After which she hid her dream of becoming famous and becoming a star and started performing under a mask on an adult website to earn money. Kim Mo-mi’s double life was going well until trouble struck when she became embroiled in a series of murders.

Storyline of ‘Mask Girl’ is intriguing

The story of Netflix‘s web series ‘Mask Girl’ is quite interesting and powerful. The murder-thriller tale explores how society views men and women, and its thoughts about beauty. How things have changed from the invention of the internet till now, when everything has become digital. In spite of so many developments, one thing which still does not change is how much people care about good looks and beauty.

‘Mask Girl’ is really good at showing how fragile and vulnerable the characters feel. But sometimes, it gets a little confusing when it tries to tell its larger story.

Cast of ‘Mask Girl’

In the show ‘Mask Girl,’ there are three different actors who play the main character at different ages. A newcomer named Lee Han-byeol plays the first version of the character when she’s seen as not pretty. She does a great job and shows the character’s strength, vulnerability, and hidden anger really well.

After the character gets plastic surgery, a famous K-pop star named Nana takes over the role. She continues the character’s story seamlessly from where Lee Han-byeol left off. Later in the show, TV actor Go Hyun-jung takes on the role during the final parts.


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