BTS’ V’s ‘Winter Bear,’ ‘Scenery’ and ‘Snow Flower’ Tops Charts On iTunes In 45 Countries



BTS’ V, recently released his self-composed songs on all music platforms and it took no time for them to reach number 1 on iTunes in multiple countries. BTS is one of the biggest K-pop groups, who made their debut in 2013. Since then the band has released 9 albums and performed all over the world, breaking records every year. In recent years, the members have expanded their careers by releasing their albums and music. BTS’s V released his self-composed songs in the last few years that were major hits in Korea, now he has released them on all music platforms, making them globally accessible.


BTS’ V’s Songs top charts in multiple countries


V released his self-composed songs Winter Bear, Scenery, and Snow Flower ft Peak Boy on 28th August, 9;30 a.m. IST on iTunes. Previous to this, the songs were released on SoundCloud for free. However, he released them on all music platforms including iTunes, giving his fans around the world, a taste of his composition. Firstly, Winter Bear is his masterpiece which was released back in 2019, Upon release, has reached number 1 on the iTunes Top Songs charts in 45 countries like France and Japan. Secondly, Snow Flower, featuring one of V’s closest friends, Peak Boy has also topped the charts in 37 countries such as Sweden and Greece. Along with this, Scenery has also topped in 21 countries like Vietnam and Singapore. The songs have made it to the top 10 list in the USA, which is not the first time for the artist as his previous, 5 other songs have been on the worldwide iTunes songs chart.


Upcoming projects

The artist is currently working on his latest album Layover, with six tracks. The album is set to release on 8th September, along with this the respective music videos. This BTS member has already teased his fans, showing them snippets of the songs and the music video teasers.


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