BTS’ V shoulders a fan in need; Hits the limelight for his generous act



BTS’ V: The sensational K-pop band BTS has literally made an ARMY for a fanbase and they all love them dearly. Fans are known for going to unspeakable heights to meet their beloved stars. However, seldom do we hear about stars helping out a fan in need. BTS’ V recently created a lot of buzz as he appeared to help out a fan in need.

BTS’ V makes his fan’s dream come true

In a recent venture, BTS’ V made it possible for a fan to meet him on an online show, Dingo Story. The show features a beautiful concept where a family member of a person going through a difficult phase is free to make a request on their behalf to arrange a meet-up with their favorite celebrity. The show makers then set up a surprise meeting for the fans with their celebrity.

One of the ARMY, Hayoung was struggling in life while gearing up for getting into the Army Forces School. Apparently, she had to appear for the examination which was stressing her to her wits. Hayoung is a big fan of BTS’ V aka Kim Taehyung. She got to meet her favorite star on Dingo Story and the two spent an entire day together. They shared a meal together and even got clicked in a photo booth collecting several memories. Hayoung got to open up with V on several topics which really helped her take her mind away from her anxiety.

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ARMY is taken aback by V’s generous act

V has already been on the tongue-tips of the ARMY due to his upcoming debut album ‘Layover.’ The fans are eagerly waiting for the artist’s new venture scheduled to be released on September 8. Amid the hype, V’s affectionate gestures were loved by the ARMY. He not only spent quality time with her but also came back to hug her and comfort her when she was crying. This generous act of V has won the hearts of the ARMY.


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