BTS’ V drops “Blue” Teaser, Fans Go Crazy Over His Look; Watch here!


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Blue Music Video

Blue music video: BTS’ Kim Tae-hyung, widely known as V, released the trailer of “Blue” and fans are surprised to see him in a different look. This teaser of Blue, a track from his upcoming album “ Layovers”, was released on 22nd August.  This K-pop star has already released two songs from the album, namely “Love me again” and “Rainy Days”. Not to mention, all the songs are set to have their own, full-length music videos.

Blue teaser  drops


In this 23-second teaser, V is dressed in a cool leather jacket. Along with this, he carries an intense look as he walks up to a door at the end of the hallway and knocks it angrily. The entire teaser is in black and white giving it a monochrome look. Hence, this short teaser has left the fans wanting more.

The full music video of Blue is set to release on 13th September 2023. Prior to this, V also plans on releasing three other songs from the album, Scenery, Winter Bear, and Snow Flower, on August 28th. Since many BTS members are joining the military, the members have started producing their individual music. Although each member is starting their individual career, they show constant support for each other’s work on social media.

Fans react

The fans are especially excited about the music video because of V’s look in it. The sheer intensity shown by him, in the clip,  has left the fans wanting to know what’s behind the door he knocked on. Moreover, People are also addressing the fact that V is showing his acting prowess in this clip. One said, “  We are getting actor Taehyung”. Even though the complete album has not been released yet, it is already a hit. Fans are raving about V’s latest works and did not shy away from expressing their excitement for the upcoming songs.


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