Security guard who went viral singing Taylor Swift’s ‘Cruel Summer’ loses job for THIS reason 


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift: A security guard who garnered attention for his enthusiastic performance of Taylor Swift’s “Cruel Summer” during her Minneapolis concert in June has faced an unexpected turn of events. Calvin Denker, the security guard in question, has reportedly lost his job after allegedly soliciting photos from fans at the same event.

From viral singing sensation to unforeseen consequences

Calvin Denker became an internet sensation when a video of him passionately singing along to Taylor Swift’s hit song “Cruel Summer” at her concert went viral on TikTok. The video, capturing his candid and energetic moment, quickly amassed nearly 3 million views, propelling Denker into the spotlight.

After gaining sudden popularity, Denker’s fame took an unforeseen twist. He disclosed that he had been dismissed from his position as a security guard after the concert. The reason cited was his alleged distribution of pieces of paper to concertgoers, requesting them to take photos of him with Taylor Swift in the background.

Unveiling of Denker’s intentions

In a TikTok video, Denker disclosed his motive behind distributing the notes. He expressed his desire to get a photo with Taylor Swift, who delivered a record-breaking performance lasting over three and a half hours. With restrictions on phone usage and turning his back to the crowd, he handed out laminated papers to some front-row attendees, asking them to capture the moment and send him the photos.



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