Joe Jonas performs with the wedding band! Divorce rumours settled?


Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas: The Jonas Brothers are on a roll amid their ongoing music tour: ‘Five Albums. One Night. The World Tour.’ The trio has been performing tirelessly in various locations gathering all the love and appreciation from their fans. On the other hand, one of the brothers, Joe Jonas recently fell victim to a widespread rumour that claimed that the singer was getting divorced from wife Sophie Turner. On the contrary, the singer was seen performing with his wedding band still placed on his ring finger.

Joe Jonas performs with his wedding band still on amid divorce rumours

The extremely talented trio is currently traveling around the world promoting their new album, ‘The Album.’ One of the three, Joe Jonas recently hit the limelight as rumours began to spread about his divorce from his wife Sophie Turner. However, the singer was seen wearing his wedding ring while performing in one of the trio’s latest concerts. For the sake of the uninitiated, Joe was seen without his wedding band on several occasions which flamed the rumours even further.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s divorce rumours

Joe Jonas has been married to Game of Thrones star-wife Sophie Turner for quite a long time now. The couple has 2 beautiful daughters: 3-year-old and 1-year-old respectively. After 4 years of relationship, reports have been coming in from various sources lately that Joe is in contact with divorce lawyers. The source also stated that the singer was getting ready with documents to file for divorce. It was also reported that the couple was facing major problems in their relationship amid which they also had to sell off their mansion in Miami.

On the contrary, the couple have been sighted together on various occasions. Sophie has been present most of the time during several of the trio’s concerts. And now, the cream has also been revealed with Joe’s wedding ring still intact on his ring finger.


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