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Uorfi Javed Birthday: Fashionista turns 26! Check out her bizarre fashion picks that took her places

Uorfi Javed Birthday: The courageous fashionista has been making waves in the fashion industry for long enough to get noticed globally. On her 26th birthday, let us remember some of her most recent strangest fashion picks.

Uorfi Javed Birthday: The sensational fashionista is celebrating her 26th birthday today and we can’t stop wondering, how far she’s come. Uorfi started off her journey by acting in daily soaps and transitioned into a big-time fashion lover. She is known for normalizing fashion picks that would not be considered normal by society. From the beginning till date, she has received a lot of criticism for her choices. However, it is because of those choices that she has come this far.

Uorfi Javed Birthday: Most bizarre fashion picks of the celebrity

The Puffy Eye Puffer Jacket look

Uorfi teamed up with the brand, Sazo by Saoni & Priya to style with this teary affair. It depicts a burst of emotions as the giant puffed-up eyes on the jacket stare at you while shedding streams of tears. The designers left the interpretation to the onlookers just as an artist does. To me, these can be the heartfelt tears of joy that gush down our cheeks seamlessly when we meet our loved ones after a long waiting period. They can also point toward the dormant depression in several individuals that comes out at its will.

The cigarette bud bodycon outfit

Uorfi designed this masterpiece by herself by collecting disposed cigarette buds from the streets. She took help from some of her designer friends. Uorfi confessed, “My hands were smelling like Ciggarettes (sic) for so many days after this.” This was one of her best creations and extremely appealing too. She made perfect use of trash and worked toward the green revolution as well.

The Overseer Eye: Collab with Raj Kundra

Quite recently, Uorfi joined hands with Raj Kundra to make a new Instagram reel in which both appeared in sequinned blue masks with a giant overseer eye shape. Uorfi paired it with a long coat with big eyes printed all over it. Inside she donned a black cut-out bodycon mini dress.

The ‘shirt up’ off-shoulder dress

This strange outfit received tons of funny reactions from netizens. It was designed by stitching together several formal men’s pink shirts to form an off-shoulder bodycon dress. It was given the name ‘shirt up’ with a witty play on the words ‘shut up’. The shirt-up outfit sends a message to onlookers that fusion can go to any extreme as long as the model is comfortable, so everyone needs to take a chill pill and ‘shirt up’.


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