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Top 5 Pakistani Dramas of Ghana Ali: From Sirf Tum Hi To Ho To Saaya; Check out the list here

Pakistani Dramas have gained a lot of fame for their simple and poetic stories, impactful work, and remarkable acting. These dramas have won the hearts of people and the actors became popular among the audience. Ghana Ali is one of the most famous and talented actresses in the Pakistani industry who never fails to impress the audience with her work. She delivered several hit performances throughout her career and we have brought the top 5 Pakistani dramas of Ghana Ali for binge-watch.


Sirf Tum Hi To Ho

Sangeeta’s directorial and Sooraj Baba’s written, the 2019 Pakistani love drama film Sirf Tum Hi To Ho has garnered a lot of love from the audience. Danish Taimoor, Qurat ul Ain, and Mathira played the main characters in the movie. The movie premiered on July 19, 2019. Taimoor plays a vampire’s love interest (Mathira), but is actually in love with Qurat ul Ain, who plays the librarian.


Maan Jao Na

This Pakistani drama features a story about young people opposing the social institution of marriage. The narrative develops into a bigger narrative that transforms the national culture. This is a tale about young people fighting the social institution of marriage. Ghana Ali starrer Pakistani drama is directed by Aabis Raza and produced by Muhammad Khalid Ali.

Mohabbatein Chahatein

The story shows when a spiteful woman and an obsessed doctor enter their lives, a boy tries to understand his parents’ marital troubles. When a spiteful woman and an obsessed doctor enter their lives, a boy tries to understand his parents’ marital troubles.


Saraab’s plot revolves around Hoorain who is unlike the others around her and lives apart from them. She has feelings for her cousin Asfandyar and wishes to marry him. Her parents neglect her (her sisters Namal and Warda are intelligent and sharp-minded) and she stays in a separate room on the upper story of the house: Sama Khan, Ghana Ali, Sonya Hussain, and Nazish Jahangir star.


Saaya 2 retells Sualeha’s vengeful story and her abilities to rescue and defend her daughters from evil. Will Rashid and his family be able to recognize the seriousness of the situation despite encountering paranormal activity once more? Will the family be able to keep evil things at bay, or will they succumb to them? Find out after watching the drama on YouTube.


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