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Sharmin Segal Gets Support from Casting Director After Facing Online Flak for Performance in Heeramandi

Sharmin Segal’s Performance in Heeramandi Defended by Casting Director and Co-Star Amidst Online Criticism

Actress Sharmin Segal has received a lot of support from Shruti Mahajan, the casting director of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s first online series Heeramandi, despite the actor’s performance being the target of relentless troll. In a special interview with Hindustan Times, Mahajan defended the young actress, calling the criticism unjust and emphasising how committed she was to the part of Alamzeb.

Sharmin Segal’s Commitment to Her Role

Sharmin Segal went through the same demanding audition procedure as any other actress, Shruti Mahajan said. Like everyone else, she had to go through rounds of auditions and appearance tests. It is unjust to concentrate solely on the bad. Her work has also been recognised by others, according to Mahajan. “Sharmin has given her 100% to the character,” she continued.

Support from Co-Star Taha Shah Badussha

The actor who portrays Tajdar Baloch, the love interest of Sharmin in the show, Taha Shah Badussha, also voiced her disapproval of the trolling. Taha brought out the injustice of equating Sharmin with more experienced actresses like Manisha Koirala in an interview with ZoomTV. She is an accomplished actress who has worked on two films. He said, “I know she has a tremendous heart and always did her best, but the audience’s reaction can be unpredictable.

Sharmin Segal’s Debut and Challenges

In 2019, Sharmin Segal starred in her first motion picture, Malaal. She has stayed steadfast in her commitment to her work in spite of obstacles and criticism. The backing of Shruti Mahajan and Taha Shah Badussha emphasises how critical it is to acknowledge talent and hard work in the field rather than letting unfavourable remarks get in the way.


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