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Payal Malik Addresses Polygamy Criticism After ‘Bigg Boss OTT 3’ Elimination

Payal Malik Opens Up About Polygamy Controversy and Life After 'Bigg Boss OTT 3' Eviction

Payal Malik, who was recently evicted from Bigg Boss OTT 3, addressed the controversy surrounding her husband Armaan Malik’s second marriage and polygamy. Armaan, a popular content creator, has been in the spotlight for his unique family structure, with two wives – Payal and Kritika Malik.

Facing the Polygamy Question

In an interview with India Today, Payal clarified that they have never promoted polygamy on their social media channels or in interviews. “We understand the criticism we’re receiving, but polygamy is not something we endorse,” Payal stated. She acknowledged the emotional strain of sharing a husband, emphasizing, “There’s no greater pain for a woman than having her man bring another woman home.”

A Journey of Love, Loss, and Acceptance

Payal revealed that she initially struggled to cope with Armaan’s second marriage. The emotional turmoil led to a separation that lasted over a year. However, love for Armaan and their son ultimately brought them back together. They decided to work through their issues and rebuild their family unit. “Thankfully, today we live peacefully as a family,” Payal shared.

Kritika’s Lighthearted Take

A recent promo from JioCinema showed Kritika making a humorous remark about sharing a towel with Armaan and Payal. When a co-contestant expressed concerns about hygiene, Kritika playfully stated, “Sharing a husband is a bigger deal, a towel is nothing!” Payal assured viewers that Kritika’s comment was meant in jest. “She’s a cheerful person who likes to joke around,” Payal explained.

Legalities and Support

Payal confirmed her legal wife status and clarified that Kritika’s marriage to Armaan is not legally recognized. She also mentioned that as long as the first wife consents, there might not be legal issues in some situations. Looking ahead, Payal expressed her unwavering support for Armaan and Kritika’s journey in Bigg Boss. “I’ll be their biggest cheerleader outside the house, managing social media and running campaigns,” she concluded.


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