BTS’ Jungkook, V others endorse J Hope’s Jack In The Box Hope edition album, fun unlimited guaranteed! Watch


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Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box: On August 18th, 2023, upon the release of the physical edition of the album “Jack in the Box”, by J-Hope, all the other BTS members took to social media to express their support for their bandmate. They each released a clip of them unboxing one element of this edition of the album called the Hope Edition. This got fans eager and excited to get their hands on one of these albums.

Release of Jack in the Box, Hope Edition

“Jack in the Box” was initially released on July 15, 2022, and was available on streaming sites. This album was J-hope’s first ever solo album and it was a huge hit among the fans. However, fans were surprised when BigHit Music decided to release the physical version of the album called The Hope Edition. Therefore, on this achievement of J- Hope, the other BTS members showed support on social media by sharing unboxing clips of the latest edition of the album to reveal its contents.

BTS members show support

BTS members have always shown support for each other’s individual careers and this time was no different. The members of the BTS group, all shared a video of them unboxing the album, “Jack in the Box”, to show support for J-Hope in his endeavors. RM was the first one to post a clip of him unpacking the latest edition of the album where she shows off the lyric book and reveals his favorite song from the album, =Equal Sign. Later, SUGA’s clip was released where he shows the poster of the album. Next up, JIMIN takes on to unbox where he shows the paper toys that come with the album. Later, V’s clip gets shared where he humorously shares the black and white cards present in the album. Finally, JungKook released his unboxing clip where he displays the photo book present in the album while revealing some of his favorite J-Hope pictures. All the members congratulated J-Hope on his achievement and expressed their excitement for the latest release of the album. However, Jin, the remaining member, did not release his clip because he is currently serving in the military.


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