Will You Marry Me?”: Fan Pops the Question to Kartik Aaryan at Indian Film Festival of Melbourne – See His Adorable Response!

Akansha Tiwari

Kartik Aaryan

Kartik Aaryan: Indian cinema’s rising superstar Kartik Aaryan had an eventful time at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne (IFFM). Upon his arrival in Australia, he was met with enthusiastic fans, exciting Q&A sessions, and an unexpected marriage proposal. During a lively interaction with the audience, a bold female fan asked the star if he would marry her, leaving the actor speechless with a smile that spread from ear to ear.

A Night to Remember: Honoured with ‘The Rising Global Superstar of Indian Cinema’



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Along with the amusing and surprising interaction, Kartik was also honoured by the Governor of Victoria with the ‘Rising Global Superstar of Indian Cinema’ award. This recognition stands as a testament to his tremendous accomplishments in Bollywood, including successful films like ‘Satyaprem Ki Katha’ and ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2’.

Reflecting on Success and Failure: Kartik’s Insightful Session

Kartik not only entertained his fans with his presence but also opened up about his career, sharing insights on the success of his latest release and lessons learned from his failures. After tasting success with some films, he faced disappointment with ‘Shehzada’, leading him to reflect on his decision-making when it comes to remakes.

Looking Ahead: Kartik’s Upcoming Projects and Commitment to Cinema

With a successful stint at the IFFM, Kartik’s commitment to cinema and storytelling continues to shine. He expressed gratitude for the recognition and shared his belief in the power of films to touch hearts and inspire minds. Fans can look forward to his next big project, ‘Chandu Champion’, slated for release in June 2024.

The Indian Film Festival of Melbourne turned out to be an eventful platform for Kartik Aaryan, filled with accolades, insights, fan interactions, and a marriage proposal that caught the actor off guard. His charming response to the unexpected question, his reflections on his career, and his ongoing passion for cinema made this a memorable occasion. For those eager to see his reaction to the fan’s proposal, the video is now making rounds on social media, capturing a moment that epitomises Kartik’s affable and down-to-earth personality.


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