Vijay Deverakonda Expresses Distress Over Liger’s Failure, Says “It Hurts When a Film Doesn’t Work”

Raginee Singh


Vijay Deverakonda Talks About Liger Failure: In the glitzy world of cinema, where success and failure often dance on a fine line, emotions run deep. During the trailer launch of his next movie ‘Kushi’, Vijay Deverakonda laid bare his inner turmoil as he grappled with the disappointment of film ‘Liger’ failing to make a mark at the box office as well as in audiences’ heart.

“When a film doesn’t perform or work, it does hurt” –  Vijay

Vijay spoke openly about the highs and lows of his journey in the film industry. The actor’s vulnerability and honesty shone through as he revealed the emotional rollercoaster he experienced when news of the film’s underwhelming performance started to surface.

While expressing his distress about the failure of his Bollywood debut, Liger, he aid, -“When a film doesn’t perform or work, it does hurt. I have had many flops before. Liger is not the first one. And I have had many hits before. I will continue to have many flops and many hits. We are trying to tell stories. My ambition is always to do something creative. My lifestyle is to go all out.”

Vijay Deverakoda Upcoming Projects

Vijay Deverakonda is about to come back with Samantha Prabhu in a romantic drama Kushi framed under the direction of Shiva Nirvana,. Kushi is all set to hit theatres on September 1, 2023, in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam.


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