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Uorfi Javed strikes again with her new bizarre outfit, covers her modesty with toy cars; WATCH

Uorfi Javed: The dream model of several emerging fashion designers and one of the greatest fashion influencers, Uorfi Javed never ceases to amaze with her unexpected outfits. Uorfi can turn almost anything into fashionable attire. She does not even shy away from parading some of her strangest costumes. In her recent post on Instagram, the style icon was seen in yet another bizarre apparel made just out of toy cars.

Uorfi Javed presents herself in a new strange outfit

Extremely renowned influencer, Uorfi Javed is known for frequently making a public spectacle of herself wearing some really unusual robes. In her new post on Instagram, she once again lived up to her reputation as she appeared in a bizarre strapless bralette (or so it seemed) made from toy cars. This supposed bralette was made from several toy cars of various colors joined together by their sides to form a ring, just enough to cover the celebrity’s modesty. She paired it with a blue baggy jogger pants.

Uorfi captioned the post, “With my cars ….Everyone was safe after the car crash.” Heaven only knows what she meant by that. But one thing is for sure, one needs a different level of courage to match Uorfi’s boldness. Absolutely nobody can make such a bizarre outfit work except Uorfi Javed.

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Reactions dropped by fans on Uorfi’s new post

Fans seem to be lurking around Uorfi’s social media profiles to be the first ones to talk about her extraordinary fashion stunts. This truth came to the forefront in one of the top commenters’ words, “Kon kon yaha urfi ke funny comments padhne aaye hai… Like kare (all who have come here to read funny comments on Uorfi’s post, press like here).” Some other fans made funny remarks like, “Mere bacche ki cars wapas karo wo ro raha h (return my kid’s cars, he is crying).” Interestingly, one of the commenters even saw the latent potential in Uorfi’s new outfit and expressed a desire to work with her to make her look even better. They said, “I love the ideas and the creativity, but I honestly feel you need someone better to plan your execution. I can do way better than this honestly and make you look way better with the same concept. I love so much potential this outfit has.”


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