Nushratt Bharuccha gives a shout-out to rapping duo at the promotional event of AKELLI, Check it out


Nushratt Bharuccha

Nushratt Bharuccha: The beloved actress from ‘Pyaar ka Punchnama’ series, Nushratt Bharuccha has not ceased climbing the ladder of success ever since. Bharuccha has starred in several films from ‘Pyaar ka Punchnama 2’ onwards and she is back again with another anticipated film: Akelli. It was at one of the promotional events of the film that she crossed paths with an interesting rapping duo, Darshan and Gargi. Both gave an exhilarating tribute to Nushratt and her character in ‘Akelli’ by rapping freestyle for her. In response, Nushratt gave a “big shout-out” to the duo on her Instagram by posting their video.

Nushratt Akelli
Nushratt Akelli

Nushratt Bharuccha’s shout-out to a rapping duo

The rapping duo Darshan and Gargi are apparently underrated budding artists who seem to be striving to work their way up in the music industry. Two weeks ago, they uploaded on the account ‘darshank555,’ a short video of their run-in with Nushratt Bharuccha at one of the promotional events of the upcoming film, ‘Akelli’.

In the video, both young artists are seen performing a freestyle rap dedicated to Nushratt and her character in ‘Akelli’ while standing on either side of her. Nushratt appears to be vibing to the tunes of Darshan and Gargi and in the end hugs them both while expressing her gratitude. Apparently, the duo had written a rap featuring the concept behind the film ‘Akelli’ with its chorus being the highlight – “Ye ladki Akelli, kaha chali hai?”

Yesterday, Nushratt reposted the same video on her Instagram and gave the young artists a big shout-out. Her caption read, “Big shout-out to these incredible talents who brought fire to the #Akelli promotion event!”

Netizens’ reactions on the post

Nushratt’s repost received mixed reactions from the netizens. Some fans of the rapping duo appreciated them for displaying their talent while others criticized them. A commenter said, “Is larki ka Inhaler la do koi, Asthma ki patient lg rhi hai,” while another praised the duo for their performance saying, “Best lines❤️.” The duo also expressed their gratitude in the comments section to Nushratt by posting, “Thank you so much mam and your team for supporting us and our art, this truly means a lot to us. We are eagerly waiting for the film 🙌🏻❤️ Big thanks to @sankalpvidhani for introducing us to such opportunities 😊.” Other commenters expressed their appreciations using “❤️” and “🔥” emojis.

All you need to know about ‘Akelli’

The latest instalment in Nushratt’s catalogue is the upcoming film ‘Akelli’. It is set to hit the theatres on this Friday, 25th August. According to IMDB, the film features an ordinary Indian woman fallen victim to the crisis of a war-torn land. The crew has refrained to talk about it more than this to maintain the suspense. Find out at a cinema near you this Friday!


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