Kiara Advani spotted without makeup! Looks as ravishing as ever; watch


Kiara Advani

Kiara Advani: If we were to make a list of the most beautiful actresses from Indian Cinema, we cannot afford to miss Kiara Advani. The sensational actress is known for her exceptionally good looks. Her photogenic face is sure to never go unnoticed whenever captured and displayed. Recently, the actress was jumped upon by the paparazzi while walking out of her apartment in a night dress and without makeup and even then she looked beautiful.

Kiara Advani meets the cameras without makeup

One of the most gorgeous celebrities in Indian cinema, Kiara Advani was spotted recently without makeup as she made her way to her car. Her no-makeup look did not bring much difference to her beauty, for she looked as stunning as ever. Her lovely smile appeared still as charming as it is with makeup. She appeared in a green night dress with a pink panther print paired with a plain white tank top. Her beautiful golden brown hair glistened brightly under the sun as it was kept open.

The video uploaded by ‘viralbhayani’ was captioned, “Chehra jiska sabse piyara one and only hamari kiara (the one with the most beautiful face is one and only our beloved Kiara), kiara advani flauting her beauty even with no make up look.” The poetic words did justice to the sweet look on the celebrity’s face.

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Reactions by fans to Kiara’s no-makeup look

Kiara’s fans never miss an opportunity to praise her for her beauty. They made sure to comment with words of appreciation for the actress. Several of them said that she is beyond cute even without makeup. There were some commenters who had their own theories regarding Kiara. One of them said, “Mark my comment.she is PREGNANAT (sic),” while another one said, “SHE IS PREGNANT giving u the future news @viralbhayani.”


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