Jawan Screening: Deepika Padukone poses with SRK’s son AbRam, check it out


Jawan Screening

Jawan Screening: The wait is finally over as the most anticipated film from the catalog of Shah Rukh Khan gets released. Jawan had its massive opening yesterday and it was attended by several stars. Deepika Padukone, who has made a special appearance in the movie also appeared at the screening. She got hold of Shah Rukh Khan’s son AbRam Khan and posed adorably in front of the camera.

Jawan’s screening gets decked by the adorable duo Deepika Padukone and AbRam Khan

Jawan made its massive opening yesterday and it has become the Hindi-language film to get the highest opening day collection. It has broken the previous record held by Pathaan. The screening event held yesterday was attended by various stars from the crew as well as other well-wishers. Deepika Padukone has made a special appearance in the movie. She was also present at the screening where she struck an adorable pose with AbRam Khan for the camera.

The picture captured various friends and family members, however, the highlight was Deepika holding AbRam lovingly from behind. She donned an embroidered black attire with a beautiful shimmering neckline. Deepika had her happy face on with a full-on grin spreading all across her face. She stood there with her arms wrapped around little AbRam from behind. AbRam also smiled for the camera while in complete summer attire, a white printed T-shirt paired with a pair of black shorts.

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Deepika Padukone’s special appearance in Jawan

Deepika Padukone’s chemistry with Shah Rukh Khan is top notch and it is deeply loved by the fans. Both the stars have shined brightly in hits like Om Shanti Om and Pathaan. She made a special appearance in Jawan in a short but impactful role. She appears as Vikram Rathore’s (Shah Rukh Khan) wife Aishwarya. You can even see her in the trailer wrestling with SRK.


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