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Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan falls prey to online piracy, will it impact box office collection?

Jawan Leaked Online: The expected blockbuster from the wraps of Shah Rukh Khan hits the theatres today. The highly acclaimed film has drawn an enormous amount of attention from fans and critics. The hype generated by the film was so much that it broke several records via pre-sales alone. Now on the opening day, the King has received rather a shocker along with the film’s tremendous fame. On the opening day itself, the film fell victim to piracy as its HD copy was uploaded on several platforms online.

Shah Rukh Khan starrer Jawan gets leaked online

It’s been months since Jawan first made headlines and ever since, it has not dropped down. The movie was set to release 3 months ago, however, it was postponed on the basis of the call made by SRK himself. He wanted the film to make a clear run before Prabhaas’ Salaar was released and also to maintain the gap from Ranbir Kapoor starrer ‘Animal’.

Today is the day when the movie made it to theatres and along with its launch, it also got leaked online. The most anticipated movie was pirated on day 1 and uploaded on torrents and several Telegram channels. As the torrent got circulated all over the internet, the film can now be downloaded for free from various websites or Telegram channels. Although the movie’s opening will be impacted by this incident, however, its overall collection at the Box Office will not be hampered much.

Piracy: a serious infringement

Piracy is strictly against the law and anyone who does it is liable to punishment. In the past, several artists have faced a lot of loss due to piracy. Its recent victim was Shah Rukh Khan as his most anticipated film Jawan was pirated. However, the harsh reality of the cinema is that entertainment has become unaffordable by many. Hence, pirates act as Robin Hoods for the disadvantaged.


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