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I May Have Achieved Less but I’m Happier: Sanjay Kapoor on His Brother Anil Kapoor’s Success

Sanjay Kapoor prioritises happiness over success, revealing he finds more contentment in life than his brother Anil Kapoor

Bollywood actor Sanjay Kapoor recently talked about his unique relationship with his brothers, Anil and Boney Kapoor. He aspires to instill in the next generation the value of a close-knit family atmosphere, which he attributes to his parents.

During a candid conversation, Sanjay said that sibling comparisons are inevitable, particularly in the film business. Although these similarities could make news, he assures his followers they have no effect on his relationships with his siblings. “We came from modest beginnings, all living together in a two-bedroom hall,” Sanjay explains. We continue to value that solid foundation of respect and affection. Admittedly, our schedules are packed with our own families these days, and we may not see one another for a month or two at a period. However, love and respect never go away.

Finding Happiness Beyond Success

While there may be parallels regarding career accomplishment, Sanjay concentrates on achieving a different sort of success: finding satisfaction. “There’s no doubting that Anil has had greater professional success,” he asserts. The truth is, though, I think I am happier and more satisfied with my life now. My happiness is something I wouldn’t give for anything, and I am thankful for all I have.” He makes a point of saying that everyone has a different definition of success and that genuine fulfilment comes from pursuing your passions.

A Family United

The familial closeness between the Kapoor brothers is a result of their upbringing, according to Sanjay. Their parents taught their kids to be equal and to stick together. Regardless of their individual professional paths or the achievements and setbacks of their nieces and nephews, who are also pursuing careers in the film business, this foundation guarantees that their ties will endure.

More Than Just Colleagues

Although there may be a competitive attitude in the industry, Sanjay emphasises that this has no impact on their family relationship. “In this business, we may be colleagues, but more than that, we’re brothers,” he explains. We encourage one another during the good times and mourn one other’s bad. What really counts is that.”


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