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Charu Asopa-Rajeev Sen: Sushmita Sen’s brother opens up about Charu’s romance with Karan Mehra

Charu Asopa-Rajeev Sen: Charu Asopa appeared in the interview with Sidharth Kannan and the video of that Interview has gone viral on the Internet. In the interview, Charu has claimed that her husband Rajeev Seen is toxic and jealous and Charu has accused him of abandoning her. Charu also said that he has raised his hand to her for a couple of times. Charu also accused him of cheating on her when she was 8th months pregnant. In a previous interview, Charu has said that she has a sick mind to put up fake allegations and Rajeev Sen claims that his wife wants to play the victim card every single time. Rajeev called her egoistic and also that his family has always loved towards her.

Rajeev Sen shared some voice notes that have sent to him by Charu Asopra’s mother. It should be noted that Charu said that she was devastated when her mother refused to believe the real side of her husband. Rajeev Sen told in an interview that Charu’s mother disclosed Charu’s affair with the TV actor Karan Mehra. Rajeev said that he got to know about Karan Mehra from his mother-in-law.

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He said that Charu is lying, and she has trust issues. He further adds that her mom told him about Charu’s relationships also ending because of the same reason. Rajeev agreed that he lost his temper because he was provoked. Rajeev said that it hurts how his wife uses their daughter as a shield. He further adds that he doesn’t want to continue this marriage with Charu Asopa.


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