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Ankita Lokhande Channels Inner Madhuri Dixit in Viral Video, Aims to Impress on Birthday! Netizens React

Ankita Lokhande Stuns in Madhuri Dixit Tribute Video, But Do Netizens Approve?

Ankita Lokhande

Ankita Lokhande, a well-known actress who moved from television to films, is getting ready to give Bollywood superstar Madhuri Dixit a unique birthday surprise. Ankita is seen on social media in a viral video mimicking Madhuri’s iconic appearance from the song “Humko Aaj Kal Hai Intezaar.”

Check out the viral video here:

Ankita’s Tribute Divides Fans

Ankita looks strikingly similar to Madhuri in the video, wearing a choli and saree, as well as similar jewellery and haircut. Fans’ reactions to her attempt to mimic Madhuri’s signature expressions are divided. Some find Ankita’s emotional tribute admirable, while others find it hard to draw comparisons between the two actresses.

Netizens Express Opinions

A variety of opinions are displayed in the video’s comments. Some internet users think Ankita’s attempt is funny, but Madhuri Dixit is still the unrivalled diva, according to others. “How can even Madhuri Dixit be compared with anyone? She is and was a diva,” an individual remarked. “Meesho se mangwayi hui Madhuri,” a quip made by another user.

Surprise Performance in the Works

Ankita reportedly intends to do more for Madhuri’s birthday on May 15th than only the video. As a unique homage to Madhuri, she supposedly plans to perform the beloved “Dhak-Dhak” song on “Dance Deewane”.

Ankita’s Rising Star

Ankita has a number of exciting ventures planned for the future. She was recently seen in the movie ‘Swatantra Veer Savarkar’ and her involvement on Bigg Boss 17 has kept her in the spotlight. Her status as a rising star in the Indian entertainment business is cemented by her unwavering passion and talent, which continue to win over followers.


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