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Happy Mother’s Day 2023: An ode to Top 10 amazing on-screen moms, who inspired everyone with their sacrifice

Happy Mother’s Day 2023: The term ‘mother’ has always been associated with unconditional love and affection that goes beyond all bounds. A mother is recognized for showering her children with adoration and for sacrificing her own pleasures to raise her kids effectively. 

Many on-screen moms have defied the conventional stereotypes of what a mother should be like, and we admire them for it. Here’s a tribute to some of our beloved on-screen mothers! 

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June George- ‘Mean Girls’

The line “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom” from the movie ‘Mean Girls’ is one of the best lines in the entire film. Every time we watch Amy Poehler play Regina George’s mom, our hearts fill with joy. She wears a stylish pink Juicy tracksuit, offers the girls “hump day” treats, and lets her dog chew her fake breasts – it’s comedy genius.

Mrs. George may not be a good mother, but that’s not the point. Good moms are often overrated in movies and on television. As a cool mom, she can live vicariously through Cady, Regina, and the girls’ performance of “Jingle Bell Rock.” She encourages responsible drinking (at home) and wants to be her daughter’s best friend.

Shashi Godbole- ‘English Vinglish’

Sridevi’s portrayal of Shashi Godbole in the movie ‘English Vinglish’ was nothing short of perfection. Shashi, a housewife who goes unnoticed and unappreciated by her husband and daughter, was brought to life by Sridevi’s sweet and charming performance. 

Despite being ridiculed for her poor English-speaking skills, Shashi proved that nothing is impossible. In the film’s climax, she left her critics speechless with a smile on her face, emphasizing the point that a mother who can manage a household also possesses the willpower, skills, and strength to conquer the outside world.

Nalini Vishwakumar- ‘Never Have I Ever’

Raising a child is a challenging task, and it becomes even more daunting when a parent has to do it alone while grieving the loss of a spouse. This is the situation Nalini finds herself in, yet she remains a reliable and composed figure in her daughter’s life.

As a single parent, Nalini has to take on both the roles of the good cop and the bad cop. While her late husband Mohan was the fun parent, the one Devi was most comfortable with, Nalini is now left to discipline Devi when she misbehaves. However, she also has moments where she ends her daughter’s punishment prematurely and always ensures that Devi has a box of sweets to take to her friends’ houses, trying her best to play both roles.

Neena Gupta- ‘Masaba Masaba’

Neena Gupta, the popular Indian actress, portrays a fun, quirky, and practical Indian mom in the show ‘Masaba Masaba’, who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and tell the truth. While she may get anxious about pregnancy scares, she also knows when to console her daughter and keep her worries to herself. The mother-daughter duo engages in banter and occasional fights, but Neena always has clever comebacks and impressive fashion choices on the show.

Lorelai Gilmore- ‘Gilmore Girls’

Lorelai Gilmore may not follow traditional parenting methods, but she is still an excellent mother. She always puts Rory’s needs first, even if it means making sacrifices like turning to her estranged parents for help with Rory’s schooling. Lorelai is also a caring figure to Rory’s friends, providing them with a safe haven when they need it. However, at times Lorelai prioritizes being Rory’s friend over being her mother, leading to a co-dependent dynamic between the two.

Najma Malik- ‘Secret Superstar’

Najma Malik, Insia’s mother in the film, strikes a perfect balance between being a victim of domestic abuse and being a protective mother. The portrayal of their relationship in the movie is very realistic and relatable to many viewers. Najma is a modern mother who cares deeply about her daughter’s future and encourages her to pursue her passion for music, despite her husband’s controlling behavior. She often bears the brunt of his anger but bravely puts her daughter’s safety and happiness before her own. Despite being a victim of domestic violence, she is an ideal mother who brings out the best in her daughter.

Moira Rose- ‘Schitt’s Creek’

Moira’s relationship with motherhood is not normal, but it is relatable. She is far from being a perfect mom, as her life experiences, including motherhood, military service, and family situations, have forced her to put her dreams on hold. However, we can learn from Moira to keep our aspirations alive, even if we have to take on unexpected or unconventional work. As parents, it’s easy to get caught up in teaching and molding our children into the people we want them to be, but it’s important to also apologize and make amends for our mistakes. Moira embodies this by continuing to connect with her children and friends in her unique and quirky way, always putting her plucky heart into it. 

Aarya- ‘Aarya’

Aarya is a mother who undergoes a significant transformation throughout the series. Initially, she is portrayed as a refined and composed woman, but circumstances force her to become a fierce and cunning single parent who will do anything to protect her children. The second season, released in 2021, delves deeper into Aarya’s challenges as she returns to India to shield her traumatized kids. Despite the numerous obstacles in her path, Aarya’s determination and resourcefulness always come to the fore as she outmaneuvers her opponents and fights for her children’s well-being.

Joyce Byers- ‘Stranger Things’ 

Joyce is a mother of two boys, Jonathan and Will, and she divorced her childhood sweetheart, Lonnie, due to his abusive behavior towards their son. She is a friendly, kind, and generous person who will do whatever it takes to safeguard her children. Joyce’s life is in constant chaos due to the threats and dangers that surround her and her family, leaving her with no time for herself as she is fully dedicated to the happiness and safety of her loved ones. 

Shamshunissa- ‘Darlings’

Badrunissa ‘Badru’ Shaikh, played by Alia Bhatt, is in a loveless and abusive marriage with Hamza Shaikh, a senior TC with a drinking problem who frequently beats her. Despite her difficult situation, Badru’s mother Shamshu continues to offer her unwavering support, even going as far as being willing to kill her son-in-law to protect her daughter.

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